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The solution for the problem of content management of publicly traded companies

Yaprak Süt ve Besi Çiftliği - Balıkesir - Burhaniye

Yaprak Milk and Fattening Farm had a website that it liked its design but had difficulty in management after the company was opened to the public. The project will start with minor updates in the design, and the front-face encoding for mobile responsiveness will be fully adapted to the present day and will be completed by setting up a customized management panel where they can update all content in a few clicks.

When the software team prepared the front side with a suitable infrastructure, it completed the infrastructure of a report, table and information pages for investors. After the privatization of the management panel, the Yaprak Milk and Fattening Farm has completely replaced the former as a functional site which can be easily updated under the control of its owners.

Admin Panel sample

Customized management panel for you to easily update your content