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System where all content and e-commerce system managed from a single panel

Vals Elektronik A.Ş. - Manisa

important role in the production of household electrical appliances in Turkey who Vals Electronics, to exhibit his products directly on its own production site and when you want to sell, the company will implement it as he chose us. Once the project manager had finished creating all the details, the sequence was on the design foot.

Design, heating and cooling were highlighted with a large and spacious view of the two main product groups, with special productions displayed. After the confirmation, first the non-e-commerce corporate content and pages, the product introduction pages, and then the products from the ecommerce system under the title, product details and sales / basket pages were created by the software team.

Vals Elektronik has taken our place as an e-commerce site that has a fully functional e-commerce infrastructure, which can be easily updated from a single panel with its dealers, sales points and the contents of all products.

Admin Panel sample

Customized management panel for you to easily update your content