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Üçkoç Tekstil - Pupilla Collection


A frontpage with a soft, pastel color feel like its products

Üçkoç Textile, as a company we have been working with Pupilla Collection for many years, wanted to make its site up to date and modern. We agreed that the point where we will give importance to design, bathrobe and towel products will be displayed full-page, and that the soft, pastel colors in their products will be a home page.

After the design came into being with a joint work, the software team also created a dynamic structure that could be easily updated from the management panel. The products were added in the same order and catalog view in the catalog. This is to make things easier; it also required the addition of additional software that automatically translated the entered product details into English and Russian.

In addition, the online commerce (e-shop, e-commerce), which was included later, also met customers directly by selling products entered from the Pupilla Collection management panel online.

Admin Panel sample

Customized management panel for you to easily update your content