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Managing two different websites with a single infrastructure and management panel

When Teksan Energy, which brings energy products together with its customers with its Orbus Solar brand, wants to renew its website for both Orbus Solar and Teksan Energy; We knew that we could find a solution to this problem with an innovative software, since we knew that both would have similar content.

Our software infrastructure for 2 different websites with a single database and easily managed from a single panel was exactly what Teksan and Orbus sites needed. For Teksan and Orbus, all company information, products, categories and more would be entered in a single database and managed from a single management panel. On the front, this was not just a logo change, but an infrastructure that allowed for completely differentiable styles, menus and more. After making preliminary preparations for Teksan and Orbus, we got to work.

In order for Teksan and Orbus websites to be suitable for today, the first thing to do was to design a very large and spacious interface suitable for modern screen sizes. Our design team is also suitable for Teksan's red lines; and created a common design plan that would suit Orbus' yellow and vibrant image. The software team, on the other hand, can be managed from a single panel and database; It started to prepare the website infrastructure that decides which site to host according to the domain name (domain) entered and making the necessary settings.

When the software was ready, all product, category, product information and more, which will be displayed on which site were added to the system by adjusting from the management panel. Since the management panel was arranged for multiple sites, it allowed all these contents to be separated and added for Teksan and Orbus.

When the contents were completed, Teksan and Orbus brands had an extremely fast and rational website with the website infrastructure that runs different sites using two different domains, managed from a single management panel. In addition to all this flexibility, the website serves its customers as a mobile-compatible website with Online Payment and virtual pos infrastructure.

Admin Panel sample

Customized management panel for you to easily update your content