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Full automatic catalog downloading software to make things easier

Oriflame Üyelik - İzmir

Oriflame sales consultants are now focusing on personal websites to expand their sales networks. Ayşegül Köycü, the sales consultant, stated that the biggest concern of this kind of website is that we cannot make an easily manageable site and we can always get support. We're starting to make sure we get both.

As a design, we applied the clean and clear lines on the Oriflame site. When the design was also satisfied with the mobile compatibility, the software team started to implement the site. Of course, when the site was implemented, we worked with all site search engines from links to coding. In the same way, the control panel is also customized to easily manage, reducing compression of images automatically.

We solved the biggest problem with Oriflame independent sales consultant sites by adding the "add catalog" problem to the unattended, fully automatic Oriflame catalog download / add software.

Admin Panel sample

Customized management panel for you to easily update your content