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Capturing the advantage of managing content by moving to a fast and flexible infrastructure

When Nemport, which is the first Private Container Port of the Aegean Region, shared with us the search for a solution to overcome the problems of managing and editing the existing website, it was clear: we would update the site infrastructure with a fully customizable management panel. The site design will remain the same as they are satisfied with the site design; but the infrastructure would be transformed into our more flexible, easily updated, editable website infrastructure and the administration panel would be completely reworked and allow editing all parts of the site.

Since the design will remain the same, our software team directly got to work first. Our software team started to rebuild the existing site, giving importance to the fact that each page can be edited from the administration panel. All pages have been created, the human resources job application form has been reworked. Then our content team transferred all the content to the new infrastructure.

As Nemport was a port operator, it had pages that could monitor the status of ships and containers in the port, allowing it to query via remote server / software connections. The software team has included the pages in the new infrastructure with the same functionality.

Once the site frontend was ready, the team set about crafting the administration panel specifically for Nemport. Pages can be edited from the administration panel, human resources job applications, contact forms, etc. revealed a panel that was easily inspected from the panel.

When the project was completed, Nemport had a completely mobile-friendly website with a much faster and more flexible infrastructure, and a completely customized management panel where it could easily edit all content.

Admin Panel sample

Customized management panel for you to easily update your content