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Langırt Spor Tesisleri


Building the Turkey's first and only online astroturf reservation infrastructure

Here, we are delighted when our ambition to digitize traditional ways intersects with the project demanded by us. Langirt Sports Facilities Bring the progressive point of when we hear the desire to build Turkey's first and only online booking engine astroturf, we began a major project such request by addressing our own project.

In the system to be included in the website of the Langirt Sports Facilities, there should be all the steps that can be made over the internet such as a date table, repeating reservations, availability of suitable fields, credit card or hand-over-hand-over, automatic order cancellation, automatic email and SMS notifications, additional options. The software team completed the tests in a short time, and the design team completed the site and reservation system designs to fit this composition and launched the site. The user-friendly, first and only online reservation system with field tests and no-stop support and improvement has been signed.

Continuous tests were not done, we did not cancel some of our test reservations as a team, we did our sport, it was good.

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