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Köstem Otel

Alaçatı - Çeşme - İzmir

Just like the hotel itself, it is welcoming, warm and elite

If you know Köstem Hotel, you would know why we use the word "warm". When we wanted to make a website for Köstem Hotel, we had a single message that we wanted to give you with the feeling of design: you are a welcoming and warm place.

The design team began to work with the very vivid photos, foursquare elite color tones and the typefaces to complement this feeling. When the design began to emerge, after a few modern touches, we had the feeling of the hotel. The software team also did its job; hidden main menu with the main page was revealed, rooms with visual sub-menus highlighted rooms and the necessary infrastructure was provided for reservation.

We continue to add and update the additions of third party booking and review / rating sites, which are better and more day by day, with our flexible infrastructure. Don't forget, take a look at the Blog page and stay updated with the renewed management panel.

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