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Creating an original and functional web software with a good vision

Endo Endüstriyel Donanım - İzmir - İstanbul

Endo Industrial has always been a company that stands out with its vision for us. While the site was still in the design phase, we knew that we would start a pleasant project with the insistence that the homepage was a more interesting, more original home than usual.

When the project manager drew the lines of the project, the design team worked. He created a design with a mechanical feel and a mechanical feel, with a lot of corporate colors. On the same lines, the sections of the specially drawn promotional film filled the homepage. Once the design step has been resolved, the software team will sort out what to do: numerous categories and products that can be added to an infrastructure, panel settings that automatically load the catalogs that will be added to each product, the advanced search section, and the most specific; speak file center file center.

The file center was the most frequently used part as a special application added to the site. Dozens, hundreds of products and product groups of all files and documents are uploaded to folders and users can easily access the file they are interested in. With a feature emerging from brainstorming, administrators can select files and send them as an email. A great solution!

Admin Panel sample

Customized management panel for you to easily update your content