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Efficient and motivating impression with a corporate perspective

When we designed the website for Digid Management and Information Systems, we started by taking the project from an institutional perspective. Working on personal and corporate productivity in business life, Digid will show a motivating phrase part of a week that is updated automatically each week, a section with sample training videos, an integrated calendar where events can be followed, an email subscription for those interested and comments from the companies they work with. wanted a dynamic part; The design team also fully realized it.

While the site software was being created by the software team, Digid wanted to integrate the productivity tools it used in the site. Online forms created via Office, statistics and tracking software are included in the site and live support - chat plug-in has been added to the infrastructure.

The management panel has also been customized and completed so that it can easily edit its contents, and the project has taken its place among our favorite works.

Admin Panel sample

Customized management panel for you to easily update your content