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Corrente Knots

Balıkesir - İzmir

Designing a stylish, simple and simple-to-use sales site, such as the products to be displayed

Corrente Knots needed a website where she could display and sell these beautiful products as a new manufacturer of jewelery and home products that designed products that knit with love to those who love.

After our meeting, we set out to build an online sales site for Corrente Knots, which is as simple as possible, with a simple design and membership system.

The design team prepared a simple, clean, spacious and simple design that emphasizes the brand logo on a white background. After approval, the software team started to create the software by examining additional features such as quick review and bulk order on the site. On the site, bulk discount could be defined, and members could view their orders with the membership system.

The next task of the software team was to complete the management panel. Unlimited categories could be added from the management panel, and automatic cargo tracking code should be sent to customers with the cargo tracking system. After the software team completed this, the last step was to set up mobile compatibility.

After the mobile compatibility was completed, Corrente Knots was ready to sell colorful and assorted products for those who want to add little happiness to their lives.

Admin Panel sample

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