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Concrete Cooperation


Concrete Cooperation - The portal site of companies from all over the world

The Concrete Cooperation community, which came from the idea of ​​creating a community where a producer of concrete can create a community in which manufacturers from all over the world can meet, display their companies and products, and exchange ideas, should have a website to meet all these needs.

When the project manager compiles the project, a home page on the home page of all the members of the members, an internal page with the members 'information, products, locations and contact forms, with the forum page / software specially designed for the Concrete Cooperation and the members' membership information on the back We had to create a management panel where they could log in and update their company information and access the products.

After the design team designed their design in grayscale, which gave the feeling of clean, concrete work, the software team quickly completed all the software infrastructure in the project. Selecting the location automatically, with additional contributions such as e-commerce ready infrastructure support, of course.

Shortly after the site was published, we experienced the joy of adding a community site to the works we have done after dozens of active companies entered their content and entered their content.

Admin Panel sample

Customized management panel for you to easily update your content