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Ata Gayrimenkul

İzmir - Mersin

Creating the easiest real estate insertion experience and time savings

The biggest problems of real estate and real estate sites in general terms are the management of the contents. When we met with Ata Gayrimenkul, one of the biggest real estate companies in Izmir and Mersin, we were aware that we should pay special attention to the management panel.

First of all, we started to work on front face designs that carry Ata color and lines. It will guide the users entering from Izmir and Mersin to the appropriate part; However, we have revealed the design that will carry a site that will direct the user to the right advertisement without straining.

At the same time, the software team started to work on the management panel. It was expected from the management panel, such as photo management, automatic city, district and neighborhood recognition and adding, by drag-and-drop, filtering and displaying the appropriate ones from all options. When all of these parts were assembled and assembled, we discovered a management panel with the time-consuming parts of the most flexible, easiest and customary insertion panels possible.

We did not mention the detailed search, the central bank with automatic exchange rate information and price conversion, and even more shortly after opening the Ata Real Estate web site within a few weeks we saw that a few hundred ads added to the publication. Thus, we understood that we completed this project correctly.

Admin Panel sample

Customized management panel for you to easily update your content