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Are İlaç


Design a well-maintained, spacious e-commerce site for well-groomed users

The previous website, designed for Are İlaç, after years of technology, and when it began to keep pace with what we have agreed to transform the site into a brand new. Are İlaç will sell herbal health and care products both from the site and from selected pharmacies. This was a sign that the software team should prepare an e-commerce infrastructure for Are İlaç. In the same way, the design team was thinking on a spacious, well-maintained home screen.

When the design went on, we started a management panel where Are Pharmaceuticals will manage the contents themselves. When the product is entered from the panel, the appropriate color theme and the main page image are selected and the image / theme that automatically updates the entire color line of the site was added to the homepage. Many birds on a stone!

As a result, Are Pharmaceuticals has the infrastructure of a complete e-commerce site, and has taken part in the works that we enjoyed doing as a very spacious and original website, including health articles.

Admin Panel sample

Customized management panel for you to easily update your content

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