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Alaçatı Kapari Otel

Alaçatı - Çeşme - İzmir

Designing a boutique website offering a stylish and memorable lasting experience

As Kapari Hotel, one of the favorite boutique hotels of Alaçatı, provides a stylish and memorable experience, it is our main motivation to start to feel the same feeling on the website.

In order to give this feeling, the design team prepared a design with characteristic writing styles, a stylish color palette and a spacious slide image. When the design is absorbed, the software team has also prepared the front-end infrastructure and the management panel where blog texts, gallery images and slide images are easily updated.

As a result, we started to symbolize Kapari Hotel as a boutique hotel website that was responsive, stylish and giving a sweet feeling in Alaçatı's local stone houses.

Admin Panel sample

Customized management panel for you to easily update your content

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