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Homepage that spacious, blue and full like oceans

Çamlı Yem A.Ş. - İzmir
When we had to make an introduction page for the award-winning initiative Pınar Balık established on the Aegean coast, it was obvious that the design should be as open / spacious a

Creating the easiest real estate insertion experience and time savings

Ata Gayrimenkul - İzmir - Mersin
The biggest problems of real estate and real estate sites in general terms are the management of the contents. When we met with Ata Gayrimenkul, one of the biggest real estate comp

Corporate for shareholders, convenient for employees, attractive for eyes

Göltaş Çimento A.Ş. - İstanbul - Isparta
Göltaş Cement Co. Since it was a publicly traded company, it was also important that the content was as easily accessible as the visual design. Therefore, while creating the front

Searching for easy and effective ways to fill out the application form in digital media

Pınar A.Ş. - İzmir
When we needed a website for the collection of applications for the Article Award organized by the Pınar Institute, we agreed that Pınar would be required to present these applicat

Preparing a panel for thousands of products, dealers and an e-commerce system

Odak Kupa Plaket Madalya - İzmir
Focus Cup Plaque and Medal, since we have been working together for many years, in the website update section; we have begun to develop ideas as we are aware of the fact that we mu

Building the Turkey's first and only online astroturf reservation infrastructure

Langırt Spor Tesisleri - İzmir
Here, we are delighted when our ambition to digitize traditional ways intersects with the project demanded by us. Langirt Sports Facilities Bring the progressive point of when we h

User-oriented and easy project pages for both content entry and viewing

Avcı İnşaat - İzmir
As Avcı İnşaat was a company that we worked with before, we knew what was valuable and what was left behind in the site update. While preparing a new composition, we were also awar

Doctors, clinics are easily managed, patients make appointments quickly

Körfez Hastanesi - Balıkesir - Edremit
When making a website for a healthcare provider, we should have a patient-like perspective, just as they would do. While renewing the website of the private Edremit Körfez Hospital

Design a well-maintained, spacious e-commerce site for well-groomed users

Are İlaç - İzmir
The previous website, designed for Are İlaç, after years of technology, and when it began to keep pace with what we have agreed to transform the site into a brand new. Are İlaç wil

Exactly this: creating a serious, professional and flawless impression

Bekemler & Göker Hukuk Bürosu - İzmir
The website of Bekemler & Göker Law Office should be renewed with a design that will make it feel serious and professional and that it is effective in different countries and c

Creating an original and functional web software with a good vision

Endo Endüstriyel Donanım - İzmir - İstanbul
Endo Industrial has always been a company that stands out with its vision for us. While the site was still in the design phase, we knew that we would start a pleasant project with

A corporate website suitable for customers, dealers or services

Türkay Tarım Makinaları - İzmir
When you build a website to present your products, you need to be aware of the audience that will display them. Turkey's largest agricultural machinery in Türkay Agriculture

A professional and modern design for the service industry

Svm Tercüme - İzmir
It is always challenging to make a website for the service sectors. When SVM Translation wanted to renew its site, we had to start with a front-end design, which should emphasize p

A free line in the industrial sense, an original design

Birim Teknik Isıtma Soğutma - İzmir
Since Birim Teknik is a company that provides industrial project application and engineering services, while renewing the company's site, the design team did not hesitate to ap

Benign website solution: functional, professional, sedate

Virasoft Yazılım - İstanbul
Virasoft, which produces software in the fields of digital pathology and telepatology with the motto of benign software solutions, contacted us, and wanted its present site to

Corporate as well as a warm and very trendy design

Altınok Deri - İzmir
Altınok Leather, with the skins it produces, clothing, fashion, giving way, when you want to make a fashion web site to itself, we want to work together. The design team was immedi

Multilingual for foreign customers, dealers or services

Minos Agri - İzmir - Almanya
Turkey's largest farm machinery manufacturer, one of the brand's Türkay Agriculture Minos Agri website, users of the products groups, to find products quickly; product imag

Very sweet design that will make you want muffin and cake

CakesStop - İstanbul
Cakesstop cafes and restaurants to meet the needs of the sweet, a web site to display their products to meet us to meet the needs, products, cake, cheesecake because of the design

To adapt the infrastructure to today's standards by keeping the design

Dem Denizcilik - Antalya
Although Dem Denizcilik was pleased with the design of the website, it wanted to take advantage of the increasing number of mobile users and software development. Therefore, after

Just like the hotel itself, it is welcoming, warm and elite

Köstem Otel - Alaçatı - Çeşme - İzmir
If you know Köstem Hotel, you would know why we use the word "warm". When we wanted to make a website for Köstem Hotel, we had a single message that we wanted to give you

In line with her philosophy, a blue presentation of the seas

Meltem Onay - Manisa
When we were revealing the personal web site of Prof. Dr. Meltem Onay, we should have turned to something that is full of energy, but also reflects its philosophy. The color select

Efficient and motivating impression with a corporate perspective

Digid Yönetim ve Bilişim Sistemleri - İstanbul
When we designed the website for Digid Management and Information Systems, we started by taking the project from an institutional perspective. Working on personal and corporate pro

To design the project on the characteristic color of the brand

Motobatt - İzmir
When you look at the products of the Motobatt battery and accessories manufacturer, the first thing you will notice is that they all have a characteristic color: yellow. As in the

Presenting intense content as pleasant and accurate way to the eye

Lintek Lineer Teknoloji ve Otomasyon Sistemleri - İzmir
As the number of products and catalogs for industrial equipment and automation equipment is very high, the layout and sub-pages of the content were also important when designing si

User friendly site to the sea friendly fish manufacturer

Pınar Kültürlü Balık - Çamlı Yem - İzmir
What we would like to do at the introductory site, where Pınar Balık brand will include aquaculture and related content, was to prepare a user-friendly content presentation. We hav

The solution for the problem of content management of publicly traded companies

Yaprak Süt ve Besi Çiftliği - Balıkesir - Burhaniye
Yaprak Milk and Fattening Farm had a website that it liked its design but had difficulty in management after the company was opened to the public. The project will start with minor

To highlight the service with design and content integrity

Hotel Greenland - Muğla - Fethiye
As Hotel Greenland is a stylish and award-winning hotel, we have decided that we want to go with a design that will give the brand's colors and elegance. This included green-to

Designing the styles that the sector follows when creating design

High Brass LLC - Orlando - Florida - USA
For High Brass LLC, which manufactures hunting rifles abroad, we have focused on a website that covers the styles that the sector follows. We decided to display the red line in the

Preparign the structure of easy to manage catalog content presentation

Minos PTO - Almanya
The shaft manufacturer Minos PTO wanted to build a website with its target audience abroad. While the site was shaped by the project manager's plans, we did not neglect to incl

Full automatic catalog downloading software to make things easier

Oriflame Üyelik - İzmir
Oriflame sales consultants are now focusing on personal websites to expand their sales networks. Ayşegül Köycü, the sales consultant, stated that the biggest concern of this kind o

System where all content and e-commerce system managed from a single panel

Vals Elektronik A.Ş. - Manisa
important role in the production of household electrical appliances in Turkey who Vals Electronics, to exhibit his products directly on its own production site and when you want to

Improve functionality with embedded web applications and pages

Apex Dynamics Türkiye - İzmir
Industrial equipment and device manufacturers a website to introduce their products to the Taiwanese Apex Dynamics foot in Turkey, we work quickly to meet the entry requirements. W

Displaying products as catalog pages with easy to manage

Smt Kalıp & Samet Kalıp - İzmir - İstanbul
SMT Kalıp & Samet Kalıp was looking for an easy way to add thousands of products and tens of different sizes of them when they wanted to renew their website as a trading compan

A modern, spacious and green site just like their projects

Çetinler İnşaat - İstanbul
When we needed to build a website for Çetinler Construction, we thought that visitors should feel the feeling of Çetinler Construction's housing projects. For this reason, a de

A corporate site with all the details of products and metallic colors

Eke Metal A.Ş. - Denizli
Eke Metal Group's Eke Metal Group company has been designed by a project manager who can exhibit the technical contents of the product with a high technical content. Since the

A stylish e-commerce site like stylish lighting products

Modo Light - Aydınlatma Ürünleri - İzmir
Modo Light - Lighting Products, which provide all the architectural offices of Izmir and construction companies such as Mistral and Folkart; We knew that we would be delighted to c

The advantages of doing ecommerce system while displaying the product - Amsterdam - Hollanda
Frocella, who produces and sells leather trousers and jackets in the Netherlands, should of course have a website to exhibit its products. Design team, Frocella logo, lines, simpli

Designing a boutique website offering a stylish and memorable lasting experience

Alaçatı Kapari Otel - Alaçatı - Çeşme - İzmir
As Kapari Hotel, one of the favorite boutique hotels of Alaçatı, provides a stylish and memorable experience, it is our main motivation to start to feel the same feeling on the web

Designing a corporate website where products can be presented

Kadir Tuncer Deri - İzmir
Kadir Tuncer Leather Exports to approximately 5 countries, which has a considerable place in production and imports as a leather manufacturer can do corporate presentation when we

A frontpage with a soft, pastel color feel like its products

Üçkoç Tekstil - Pupilla Collection - Denizli
Üçkoç Textile, as a company we have been working with Pupilla Collection for many years, wanted to make its site up to date and modern. We agreed that the point where we will give

Designing pages in the form of project exhibition for a design office

Smyrnote & Mimarka - İzmir
Since Smyrnote & Mimarka is a company that provides professional architectural design and application services, it was the most important point to display the visuals of their

Content-packed and detailed and modern design

Standart Otomasyon - İzmir
As a company that has been involved in the industry for nearly 20 years, the site had to be content-packed and detailed. After the design team approved the design based on the log

Orma Showroom - Stage creation website by selecting furniture patterns

Orma Orman Ürünleri - Isparta- İstanbul
Orma - Orma Showroom project was a software that we enthusiastically realized because of its very few peers when it passed from idea to project as a virtual interior design so

Concrete Cooperation - The portal site of companies from all over the world

Concrete Cooperation - Uluslararası
The Concrete Cooperation community, which came from the idea of ​​creating a community where a producer of concrete can create a community in which manufacturers from all over the

Providing corporate services with a professional design that fits the sector

EWA Kurumsal Danışmanlık - Ankara
EWA Corporate Consulting said that when it wanted to renew its website, it liked and wanted to use the lines and perspectives of the professional web sites. At this point, we have

Demonstrating the machine features required by customers on the corporate site

Muzaffer Kağıtçıoğlu Tarım Makinaları - İzmir
Muzaffer Kağıtçıoğlu, which produces solutions for the problems of the selection, separation and elimination of agricultural products, needed a new modern design for the website up