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Patron QR Menu - Contactless Digital QR Menu Creation System

The Patron QR Menu, which is the Contactless Digital QR Menu Creation System, is a system where you can easily digitize your cafe, restaurant and restaurant food menus without any application and infrastructure investment, and display the menu with QR code scanning.

It is very easy to register and use the Patron QR Menu. Enter your business and contact information and select photos of your menu from your gallery. The system will save your business and automatically generate a QR code. Print this QR code and paste it on your desks. That's all!

You do not need to install an application or admin panels that require you to enter your products one by one. Take photographs of your menu and upload. Then your customers click on the link that appears when they turn their mobile phone camera into a QR code. Easy.

With this system, which is the QR code menu solution of the Patron family, businesses will eliminate hygiene problems and disease risks especially in the global epidemics and gain the trust of their customers.

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Admin Panel sample

Customized management panel for you to easily update your content